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I’m a certified Life Coach/Spiritual Coach, NLP, EFT, L&D professional. I help corporates as a ‘Performance Consultant’, and individuals as a ‘Personal Coach’.

I’ve formed a group called ‘New Age Sufis’ which conducts talks, workshops and retreats to help people gain clarity about their true self and give them a chance to experience the transformative power of Sufism; beyond music, chants and dance. As they say, ‘People are looking for the right thing, at wrong places’. New Age Sufis helps people get the placement right.


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The Circle : Registration Open

A free entry 90 min weekend session with Hasnain Waris. An online/offline get together of the seekers. The gathering includes lecture, storytelling, reflections, meditation, music, question/answers and much more. Kindly fill up the registration form using the following link, and we will keep you updated about the action.

Personal Coaching Session

If are getting stuck in your spiritual journey and wish to clear the roadblocks thwarting your spiritual growth. Feel free to contact us for a 30 min Free Coaching session at the co-ordinates shared. We’ll get back to you about the time slot availability and other details

(2 hr) 6 Day Spiritual Foundation camp

Whoever travels without a guide, needs 200 years for a 2 day journey – Rumi

Dear Friend,

All of us are endowed with the capacity to go back to our primary nature ‘Love’, to become aligned with the ‘Truth’. A few of us walk on this path of self discovery consciously while most of us remain unaware of our spiritual gift. In our attempt to seek that elusive fulfillment, we strive in numerous ways attend courses, read books and go for pilgrimages. These actions definitely give us an instant high, but more often than not, like in my case, after a few weeks the spike of the spiritual high comes down and we go back to our old patterns, belief systems. This happens because through all these engagements, even with best of our intentions we only manage to scratch the top layer of the issue while the core remains un-accessed. We manage to fix the effect temporarily, but totally ignore the cause: our attitude or orientation.

My upcoming ‘Spiritual Foundation Camp’ is about fixing these root causes and misplaced orientations that cut off our connection with the Supreme, forcing us to live a dull, unfulfilled and stressful life. In this 6-day programme I’ll take you through a unique experiential journey of Self Realization using age old Sufi principles of transformation and validating them with some path-breaking scientific research. This ‘Spiritual Foundation Camp’ is a beautiful mix of Presentations, Storytelling, Role Plays, Activities, Music, and of course some serious philosophy explained in a light and relatable manner. A programme that will go a long way in helping you live a rich and fulfilled life by permeating the learning into all facets of your life, be it work, relationship or consolidating your connection with the Supreme.


Not only this you get lifetime free mentoring support  wherein you get chance to share your growth story and write your questions to us.


— Key takeaways:

Experience the transformative power of ‘Love’

Locate the pitfalls in your Spiritual Journey

Learn how to see the ‘Truth’

Learn to overcome your ‘Nafs’ (ego, conditionings).

Learn to be spiritual beyond religion, cult or rituals

Learn how to seek a Sheikh, Guru

Familiarize yourself with ‘Tauhid’, ‘Advait’

Rediscover your connection with the Supreme.


Programme Flow:


Day 1
Objective of joining the workshop.
A close look at our current situation.
The Mother of all questions: Who am ‘I’?
Why are we called ‘Human Beings’?
What’s our best gift?


Day 2
What’s Love according to Sufis and saints?
How it transforms us?
David Hawkins scale of vibration states.
Let’s revisit our true nature.
Universal attitude of conscious living, adab, gratitude etc.
Introduction to all time great Sufis


Day 3
The limiting labels.
The frequency of feelings
What are we seeking anyway?
Higher Self and Lower self
Our birth story(birth of Nafs/Ego)


Day 4
Sufi: Someone who cleans himself of his ugly attributes of Nafs(ego)
Ego(Nafs) blemishes as described by Sufis.
Important attributes of Nafs.
How to see your Nafs/ego?
Starving Nafs is Feeding the Soul.


Day 5
What’s the Truth saints talk about?
How to see the Truth/Reality?
Aristotle’s Cause Model
How to see things as they are


Day 6
Common roadblocks to spiritual growth
How to seek a guru(the role model)?
Sufi tools of transformation (Literature, Muraqaba, Zikr, Sema, Tawajjo).
The way forward


Who should attend?

All true seekers of their perfection, who see humanity as one, who wish to experience, and not just know about God. Basically anybody who is not stuck in his/her belief system, and wish to open his perspective to realize ‘The Truth’.
(This programme is not for you if you don’t believe in the above mentioned values, and only like them as concepts)


About the Facilitator:

‘Brands to Brahm’ is how I like to phrase my story. 15 years of working in the glitzy and creative world of advertising and searching for fulfillment beyond the creative kicks, I finally managed to find myself while working on the biography of my sheikh Hzt. Roshan Shah Warsi.

My spiritual journey started when my mother placed me in the lap of my sheikh and requested him to bless me with a name. I grew up like any other child in a metropolitan city(in my case Delhi), the only difference being, i was as comfortable in a mosque as i was in a satsang-even at the age of 7. Fortunately, in late 80s and early 90s I got chance to spend some memorable summer vacations in my sheikh’s presence. This sohbet(company) might have had played a crucial role in shaping up my spiritual journey; but frankly speaking I never realized it then. Rest as they say is history.

In 2013, I decided to quit my full time job and dedicate my second innings to people development and spreading the message of ‘Conscious Living’. I’ve formed a group called ‘New Age Sufis’ which conduct talks, organizes workshops and retreats to help people gain clarity about their true self, and gives them an opportunity to experience the transformative power of Sufism, which is a rare thing to find these days.

I am a certified Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, NLP, EFT, L&D professional. I also help corporates as a ‘Performance Consultant’, and individuals as a ‘Personal Coach’.


Realization Camp Participants’ feedback:

Life takes us on long and short journeys to places of our choice, sometimes with family, friends, colleagues and sometimes alone but it takes only the most lucky ones on an inward journey into their innerself. I experienced one recently in the land of Rumi, the God of love himself. Making this experience transient and everlasting was our friend, philosopher, guide, Hasnain Waris who held our hand throughout never letting it go even when we gave up on ourselves. His heartfelt reverence and love for Sufism complimented by his deep knowledge on varied range of cultural and spiritual orientation was a treat making this trip extremely special and most memorable. Some of my 1:1 discussions with him were so reflective and insightful that even after getting back into my routine worldly life they are brightening my path. I always believed that there comes a point of inflection in everyone’s life at least once and this one was surely for me. Wish many more such moments of inner happiness in times to come. Thanks Hasnain for the difference you made to my life. –
(Anshula B.-Turkey Trip Participant)


Hasnain introduced me to a part of me which, in the din of life, was not being given ample time – my relationship with myself. He, very subtly, makes his way through your pscyhe, by introducing thoughts, which inspire you to ponder upon…and it takes you closer to yourself. His sessions are very refreshing as they are a good mix of logic,couplets from Sufism and several aspects of our spiritual self. The sessions have brought me to rethink my relationship with myself with a lot of love,which is a gift I cherish. Thank you, Hasnain!!
(Indrani Maitra
, Delhi)


I attended 2 days workshop conducted by Hasnain Waris under the banner of New Age Sufis. I also had few personal sessions also with Hasnain. He talks about the crux of Sufism that is-what is the highest potential of a human beings, and the roadblocks in living that potential. He helped me immensely in looking at my own beliefs and conditioning, at a very subtle level. I would say that he helped me in moving up the ladder. I would recommend every genuine spiritual seeker to attend his two day workshop or attend personal sessions. –
(Vishal Gupta, Relationship Coach)


(Pankhuri Sharma, Delhi) – A Sufi Realization Camp participant



Programme Dates: (24th Nov -29th Nov ’20)  (8.00 pm to 10.00 pm)

Energy Exchange:  Rs. 500/- to whatever amount you wish to pay after the completion of the camp.

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