About Me

I’m a certified Life Coach/Spiritual Coach, NLP, EFT, L&D professional. I help corporates as a ‘Performance Consultant’, and individuals as a ‘Personal Coach’.

I’ve formed a group called ‘New Age Sufis’ which conducts talks, workshops and retreats to help people gain clarity about their true self and give them a chance to experience the transformative power of Sufism; beyond music, chants and dance. As they say, ‘People are looking for the right thing, at wrong places’. New Age Sufis helps people get the placement right.

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Mon-Fri: 10:00am – 18:30pm

4th Floor, RZF-110/1(Adove OBC Bank), Sadh nagar,Palam Colony, New Delhi 110045

(+91) 9873439211

theselfseekers@gmail.com, hasnainwaris@gmail.com